Each of the four products in the WeatherLock series is scientifically engineered by Owens Corning to meet specific roofing project needs. WeatherLock® Mat is designed for greater versatility in a variety of applications, this traction-enhancing product is easy to work with. Its patented design with polymer-coated, mat-faced surface makes it ideal for all underlayment applications, including eaves, rakes and flashings. WeatherLock® G is the ideal choice for roofing contractors who work in high-heat environments. Its rubberized bottom layer increases flexibility and provides greater surface area to improve adhesion. The top layer asphalt composition beats reduces the number of loose granules allowing better traction. It film backer is designed for easy removal, even in high temperatures. WeatherLock® P meets cold-weather challenges. Its polyethylene surface and rubberized asphalt combine to provide the flexibility and adhesion necessary to conform around irregular shapes, even in cold-weather applications. The cross-laminated surface with patented raised surface lines adds traction and provides a seal around nails that helps prevent water penetration. WeatherLock® Metal handles a variety of roofing applications, including metal. Its polyester-faced, non-abrasive surface is specially designed for metal roof applications, and allows for a higher melt point than polyethylene film products. It can withstand high temperatures without fusing to overlying metal roof.