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NRLRC Breakfast to be Held During NRCA Convention

The National Roofing Legal Resource Center, Rosemont, Ill., a legal resource for roofing contractors formed by the National Roofing Contractors Association, will host its annual NRLRC Breakfast Program during NRCA’s 116th Annual Convention and Exhibit, “Succeeding Through Change,” Feb. 11-14 in New Orleans. The breakfast will be held Friday, Feb. 14, from 7:30-10:30 a.m. at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside.

NRLRC provides roofing contractor’s with up-to-date information to effectively address the roofing industry’s legal complexities. To assist contractors with this, the breakfast will feature several speakers who will address industry-related legal issues and trends. The speakers include Dick Baxter, president of CRS Inc., Monroe, N.C.; Rene Dupuis, president of Structural Research Inc., Middleton, Wis.; Albert Duwyn, president of the Roof Consultants Institute, Raleigh, N.C.; George Smith, group manager of FM Global, Norwood, Mass.; and NRCA’s General Counsel, Stephen Phillips, a partner with the law firm Hendrick, Phillips, Salzman & Flatt, Atlanta.

Tickets to the NRLRC Breakfast Program are not included with convention registration and can be purchased for $65 per ticket. NRLRC members receive two complimentary tickets to the breakfast. For more information or to make reservations, call Janice Davis, NRCA’s manager of NRLRC and risk management, at 847.299.9070, ext. 205; fax 847.299.1183; or e-mail


The Roofing Industry Educational Institute provides objective and current technological information for quality roof system design, materials and application. The organization’s objectives are to:

Educate and train those involved in the roofing industry about roofing technology and the proper use of such technology

Provide opportunities for the exchange of experiences through seminars, publications and discussions

Provide strong leadership and coordination for the technological needs of the roofing industry

Retain an identifiable independence by being completely and absolutely objective in teachings, writings and other communications media

To achieve its objectives, RIEI has announced the following seminars:

Metal Systems of the New Millennium: Metal Shingle Installations, Feb. 11,

New Orleans (during NRCA’s 116th Annual Convention and Exhibit).

This hands-on program provides a close look at the application, technical and marketing challenges of metal shingle systems. After participating in this program, attendees will be able to:

Explain the pros and cons of various metal shingles

Recognize common metal shingle installation problems

Articulate the unique nature and functions of metal shingle flashings

Identify metal shingle types

Comprehend basic metal shingle application techniques

Understand the advantages and limitations of existing products

Roof Inspection, Diagnosis and Repair, Feb. 27-28, Atlanta; April 10-11, Denver

Attendees will learn the latest in technology and techniques for performing rooftop inspections. They will discover the advantages, disadvantages and limitations of electronic detection equipment. After inspecting roof systems and identifying the problems, attendees will learn the steps and procedures to follow in order to address these problems. Attendees will be able to:

Conduct visual inspections

Solicit nondestructive moisture survey methods

Collect and test sample materials

Diagnose roof system problems

Repair various commercial roof systems

Establish and prioritize maintenance requirements

Roofer EMS, March 12-13, Denver

This course teaches the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Roofer and Micro-Roofer, computer-based roof asset management programs. Combined, these two programs comprise a powerful roof asset management tool. In addition to learning the process, students will have hands-on experience using Micro-Roofer. Students will know how to:

Inspect and rate current roof conditions

Ensure consistency in roof-condition evaluations

Decide on the best/most cost-effective maintenance or repairs to perform

Determine the life cycle value of repairs and maintenance

Introduction to Roofing, March 17, San Diego

RIEI designed this seminar for those new to the roofing industry who need to understand roofing basics. Perfect as an orientation to the industry, “Introduction to Roofing” provides the right blend of information to start employees out with a solid understanding of roofing subjects. Attendees will:

Understand various roof systems

Be able to understand and participate in knowledgeable conversations about roofing topics

Recognize roof assembly components and understand their functions

Be familiar with drainage concepts and roofing terminology

Be able to identify roofing materials

Comprehend roofing fundamentals

Roofing Technology, March 18-21, San Diego

Roofing Technology offers an overview of all low-slope roof membrane systems available in the market today. Discover the advantages and disadvantages of commercial low-slope systems in addition to new or changing products and application techniques. Learn to determine which system best meets your roofing needs. Gain a firm understanding of the theoretical and practical aspects of roof systems, roof system design and specifications, and roof system applications. Upon completion, participants will be conversant in the following topics:

Concepts of structure, roof decks and fills

Membranes, flashings and detailing

Fire and wind requirements

Quality assurance and workmanship

Maintenance problems and solutions

Fastening techniques

Surfacing and urban heat islands

Vapor/moisture control and dew-point calculations

For more information about these programs or to register, contact Phyllis Erdman, NRCA’s conference assistant, at 847.299.9070, ext. 234, or In addition, NRCA’s Education Resource Group provides customized education and training programs that can be designed to meet any industry topic or need. These seminars and workshops can be administered to any size group at any location. For information, contact John Schehl, NRCA’s director of training, at 847.299.9070, ext. 200, or

NRCA Roof Application Training Program Modules

The NRCA roof application training program modules specifically are designed to provide state-of-the-are training materials to internally train employees about all aspects of roofing work. The modules also can be used as review and reference materials for experienced workers. To order, call NRCA InfoExpress at 866.ASK.NRCA (275.6722) or visit