Olympic Manufacturing Group has changed its name to OMG Inc.

AGAWAM, Mass.-Olympic Manufacturing Group has changed its name to OMG Inc. The company, which specializes in insulation and membrane-fastening systems, adhesives and drainage products for the roofing industry, also broke ground on a new manufacturing and warehouse facility on Nov. 22, 2004.

A 1950 Act of Congress that granted the U.S. Olympic Committee the exclusive commercial rights to the word "Olympic" under the Olympic Amateur Sport Act sparked the company's name change. "Because OMG is a fast-growing, successful company, we have become increasingly visible in the global marketplace," says Hubert McGovern, vice president and general manager, OMG. "As a result, we are using this opportunity to adopt the name OMG Inc., and the slogan ‘We make it happen,' which clearly expresses what we do every day."

According to Tom Wagner, senior vice president, sales and marketing, the name change would not affect the company's operations, products or service offerings, which, he says, have been the foundation of its success for the last 20-plus years. Wagner added, "The name change truly marks our accomplishments and our vision for this growing company."

Product innovation remains a priority for OMG, and the company will continue to closely collaborate with roofing contractors on new product development. For example, OMG's newest roof drain product, the OlyFlow NewCon™ Drain, is engineered to eliminate ponding water from existing roofs. "The development of this product was due in part to feedback we received from contractors. They needed a way to alleviate ponding water without replacing large sections of the roof structure," says Josh Kelly, marketing manager, OMG Roofing Products. OMG also supports contractors with ANSI on-site pull tests, product training and toll-free technical support for its multiple product lines.

OMG concurrently announced its plans to expand its Agawam-based manufacturing facility. The new building will provide an additional 76,000 square feet of manufacturing space. It will also include an additional 52,500 square feet of warehouse space. "This expansion highlights our commitment to continue manufacturing in our western Massachusetts home," says McGovern. Since 1984, OMG has maintained its headquarters in Agawam, Mass. Construction is scheduled to be complete mid to late summer 2005.

"For our customers, the expansion will provide us with an opportunity to improve the quality of our products, speed of service and communication, while keeping costs down," adds Wagner.