MBCI and Metalforming Inc. have announced the formation of an alliance whereby MBCI will offer the technology transfer, credentials and marketing tools for five of its most popular panel profiles under a license agreement to Metalforming customers purchasing its Schlebach Quadro FLX portable rollformer.

“Our concern in the past has always been quality issues when considering on-site rollforming equipment,” says Wayne Dickinson, MBCI executive vice president. “We at MBCI have tried to take a leadership role in producing quality products that reflect positively on our industry. In the past we did not believe the hardware technology was available to accomplish this with on-site rollformers.”

After extensive meetings with Metalforming as well as the engineers and designers of Schlebach Rollforming Equipment, MBCI now feels comfortable with aligning some of its most popular products with both Metalforming and Schlebach.

According to Kelly Ginn, MBCI president, MBCI would never consider licensing its proprietary products unless it was absolutely certain these products would be manufactured on equipment capable of producing quality products consistent with the standards MBCI has always set for itself. Ginn explains that the license package includes testing and design information that MBCI has developed over the years. This will allow the licensee to manufacture and market MBCI proprietary products under their own trade name.

According to Dickinson, MBCI plans to market its successful Single Source Warranty Program through the licensees. He says that the inspection process during construction ensures the design professional and building owner that “he will get what he paid for — a quality, leak-free roof for years to come with a major manufacturer standing behind the warranty from day one.”

Plans call for a license to be marketed for SSR vertical leg panels of BattenLok, Curved BattenLok, LokSeam and SuperLok. The Small and High Batten versions of the Craftsman Series also are being offered. With a license, the contractor will be able to roll form one to five of MBCI’s most popular panels; have access to proprietary testing; purchase coil and accessories; and be able to offer warranties.

Ken Buchinger, MBCI’s general manager/product development points out some of the key marketing tools readily available with the MBCI license. “The job site rollformer manufacturer will have a full arsenal at his disposal when calling on architects, schools, churches or to whomever he is selling a project.” Buchinger emphasizes the following points:

  • Approved UL construction methods.

  • ASTM E-1592 wind uplift testing, air and water infiltration testing, diaphragm testing, as well as UL impact ratings and various fire ratings.

  • MBCI certification courses.

  • The industry’s most complete technical and installation manuals.

  • A Research & Development department that is continually testing.

Ginn added that the Single Source warranty provides the building owner with a weathertightness warranty that is backed by MBCI beginning with the project’s date of substantial completion.

The Quadro FLX design and the panels it produces along with its flexibility are quite unique, according to Geoff Stone, a partner in Metalforming Inc. “From the very beginning it was our intention to upgrade the quality of on-site rollforming,” he says. “In our view, MBCI is unsurpassed for providing quality products and services to the metal roofing industry. We are quite certain that the addition of MBCI products, services and brand strength will be of enormous interest to our customers. We believe that this alliance will serve to raise the bar for professional grade on-site rollforming.”