IB Roof Systems, Eugene, Ore., announced its award-winning contractors for 2000. The company presents awards to contractors that demonstrate excellence in workmanship and dedication to professionalism in installing IB Roof’s high-end single-ply CPA roofing system. There are different levels of awards to recognize contractors who have successfully installed over 100,000, 250,000, 500,000 or 1 million square feet of membrane. The awards are given on a cumulative basis, starting in 1998. They were presented in the Caribbean on a five-star, seven-day incentive vacation aboard the Sea Princess cruise ship. “It was exciting to see a lot of new faces this year, along with all of our loyal friends. I truly believe these are some of the finest contractors in the industry,” says Larry Stanley, president, IB Roof Systems.

From left to right: W.C. Looper, Art Melick, ERic Moore, Brian Panush, Alan Freeman, Donald Lyons.

100,000 Level Winners

This year’s winners 100,000 level winners: Alexander Roofing, Basalt, Colo.; Art Melick Construction, Auburn, Calif.; Home Roofing, Everett, Wash.; WC Looper, North Little Rock, Ark.; Stutzman & Kropf, Albany, Ore.; Panush Construction, Chehalis, Wash.; S&S Contracting, Salina, Kan.; and Rain Water Roofing.

From left to right: Randy Peterson, Bill Satterfield, Joe Pender, Emitt White, Doug Mason, Mike Foster, Darrell Smith

The 250,000 Level Winners

The 250,000 level winners: Shelton Roofing, Santa Cruz, Calif.; Horn Brothers, Denver; Tidewater Roofing, Hampton, Va.; BAC Enterprises, Roswell, N.M.; Diamond Roofing, Renton, Wash.; and CCI, Bellevue, Wash.

Harvey Adams Jr. (l) and Larry Stanley

The 500,000 Level Winner

The 500,000 level winner: AA Rain-Tite, Laport, Ind., is the first IB Roof Systems contractor to achieve the 500,000 square foot award and has already earned the 1 million square foot award which will be presented next year in Hawaii.

From left to right: Joel Stanley, Joe Pender, Emmit White, Larry Stanley

Contractor of the Year

The Contractor of the Year for 2000 is Tidewater Roofing, Hampton, Va. This company has been an approved contractor for less than a year and to this date has already installed over 500,000 square feet of IB Roof Systems’ single-ply membrane.