Mule-Hide Products Co. recently announced a leather jacket promotion.

BELOIT, Wis.-Mule-Hide Products Co. recently announced a leather jacket promotion. Contractors purchasing $100,000 or more in Mule-Hide products April 1 through Sept. 30, 2005, will receive a Richard Petty signed leather jacket. Purchase of Mule-Hide products worth $50,000 qualifies a contractor for a non-signed jacket. These jackets are lambskin black leather with racing checkerboard flag panel and Mule-Hide colors on the sleeves.

Mule-Hide systems include self-adhering modified bitumen, TPO including self-adhering TPO, EPDM fully adhered with water-based bonding adhesive, PVC, Dec-K-ing® walkable PVC, and elastomeric acrylic coatings. Maintenance and repair products include roofing mastics, asphalt coatings, emulsions, primers, aluminum roof coatings, Seal-Fast® Tapes, EPDM tapes, skylight coating, and masonry wall coating. Mule-Hide products are available nationwide to professional contractors at ABC Supply Co. with 270 locations. For more information, call 800-786-1492, e-mail or visit