generalRoofing, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., announced that Gregg Wallick, former chairman of the board, left the company in early March.

According to a statement released by generalRoofing, John Larimer was hired as president last August and has since selected a new management team. The new team includes: Jeff Burks, vice president of operations; Tom Walker, vice president of sales; Mario Gervasi, chief information officer; Dale Eby, chief financial officer; Lisa White, vice president of marketing; Tim Kresica, vice president of vendor relations; and Jann Fisher, vice president and general counsel.

In separate interviews with Roofing Contractor, both Wallick and Larimer indicated that this event was the result of a difference of opinion in the way generalRoofing should be run.

Roofing Contractor broke the story of the founding of generalRoofing in our October 1998 issue, and has followed up with a number of articles about the company as well as consolidation in the roofing industry overall.

In order to determine the effects of these events at generalRoofing on the roofing industry as a whole, we have already begun work on a follow-up story that should be forthcoming within the next six months. We will report on generalRoofing’s progress, as well as the next steps in Wallick’s career. As of our deadline, Wallick had yet to announce any future plans. He will remain on the editorial advisory board of Roofing Contractor.