National Coatings Corp. was recognized for its products.

In March 2001, EPA Administrator Christie Todd Whitman recognized leaders in energy efficiency at the 2001 Energy Star Awards. Energy Star®, sponsored by the EPA and the Department of Energy, presented Partner of the Year awards to businesses, schools, universities, utilities and other organizations. Winners were recognized for their work to increase energy efficiency in their own buildings and in the products they manufacture, and to deliver energy efficiency in an easy way to consumers.

National Coatings Corp. was recognized for its products. As a Charter Partner for Energy Star labeled roof products, National Coatings has been an industry leader in promoting the environmental and energy benefits of reflective roof products. In addition to touting Energy Star on compliant products and literature, National Coatings promotes the environmental and economic benefits of Energy Star labeled roof products through public education campaigns, published articles and advertisements, and employee training programs. Last year, National Coatings became the first roof products manufacturer to earn an Energy Star Partner of the Year Award.