Olympic, Garlock and ERSystems team up on adhesives.

Olympic Fasteners, Agawam, Mass., Garlock Equipment Co., Minneapolis, and ERSystems, Loretto, Minn., have announced an adhesive alliance. According to Jim Leonard, president of ERSystems, “This alliance will be great for the industry because it allows each of us to focus on what we do best in the delivery of exciting new technology to the marketplace.”

As a result of the alliance, Olympic Fasteners has acquired the exclusive worldwide marketing, sales and distribution rights to the dual-component insulation board adhesive formerly marketed as EASy by ERSystems. Olympic has trade-named the adhesive “OlyBond Adhesive Fastener.” Garlock has acquired the rights to manufacture, sell and distribute the patented dual-component adhesive spray machine formerly marketed by ERSystems as the ERSprayer. ERSystems will continue to manufacture the OlyBond Adhesive Fastener for Olympic and will provide technical guidance on the sprayer to Garlock for an interim period.