U.S. Steel Corp. released its 2023 Sustainability Report, titled “The Future of Steel,” at the end of last month, highlighting leadership in producing solutions that benefit its stakeholders, public and the environment

The report, announced in a June 25 news release, outlines U. S. Steel’s strategic plans, investments and progress in reducing its carbon footprint, innovation, empowering its people and its work toward achieving its goal of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 (Scopes 1 and 2). 

Notably, the report highlights how U. S. Steel “progressed or established” multiple partnerships with energy and technology companies, government agencies, non-profits, and universities to work on emissions reduction and developing carbon capture and utilization projects.

“U. S. Steel’s sustainability strategy is focused on our customers, our communities, our people and the planet,” said U. S. Steel Sr. Vice President of Sustainability and Chief Technology Officer, Christian Gianni.

“To meet the needs of the market today and pave the way for the industry tomorrow, our team is constantly developing and improving innovative steel products,” he added. “‘The Future of Steel’ report not only highlights our efforts but underscores how well positioned we are to continue this important work.” 

Steel is the world’s most widely used metal. U.S. Steel added that, given the sustainability challenges of today’s market demand, the company worked to optimize production and launch transformative products and partnerships throughout 2023. 

  • That included a first-of-its-kind project to capture and mineralize carbon emissions generated from U.S. Steel’s Gary Works blast furnaces and a partnership with Molten Industries and the U.S. Department of Energy to move toward carbon-neutral steel production, among other things.
  • U.S. Steel launched products like COASTALUME with DuPont in 2023, a highly sustainable roofing and siding solution, while undertaking several advanced process improvement projects, including a $150 million investment in its DR-grade pellet facility at its Minnesota Ore Operations taconite plant in Keewatin, Minn. 
  • Production of Indux, a wide, ultra-thin and lightweight steel, kicked off on the new non-grain oriented electrical steel line at Big River Steel in Osceola, Ark. 

The report also notes several projects that will further progress U. S. Steel’s sustainability efforts, including completing Big River Steel 2 later this year, additional solar power for Big River Steel Works, and new partnerships with the Energy Department.

“U. S. Steel has a culture of caring that carries through how we treat our people … to the products we build,” said U. S. Steel Head of Sustainability, Erika Chan. “From our greenhouse gas emissions reductions and recycling progress, to the strength of our workplace for everyone, including the LGBTQ+ community, veterans and more, U. S. Steel is committed to its values.” 

To view the full U. S. Steel 2023 Sustainability Report, click HERE