Central States, the manufacturer of metal building and roofing components, announced its latest product offering on Tuesday: steel-manufactured board and batten siding; the company says “…is set to redefine the exterior appeal of residential and light commercial structures.”

In a Feb. 6 news release, the company said its Central States Board & Batten siding offers the strength and durability of metal while “imparting a welcoming and enduring character and delivering lasting value in 15 painted and three wood grain finishes.” 

"The Central States Board & Batten product is beautiful, easy to install, and is something we are excited to offer to our clients," said Jonathan Bucher, vice president at Stoneburner Inc. "We sell a good amount of wood board and batten but have been looking for a …more durable, maintenance-free option [for years]. This product exceeds our expectations! Our initial installations look great and will last a lifetime."

Central States says steel board and batten is a cost-effective siding solution with “superior durability” over comparable systems as it brings “a lifetime warranty and classic aesthetic to residential and commercial structures.” 

The company said a rising trend in residential design that leans toward modern farmhouses or industrial chic aesthetics has made this profile “increasingly attractive” to customers who may not have previously considered metal siding or those communities might have restricted the use of metal siding in the past.

"Our customers have expressed a desire for a product that emulates the look of traditional exterior finishes with the added benefits of steel, and we are excited to meet that demand with excellence," said Tim Ruger, Central States Manufacturing’s president. 

"As a 100% employee-owned company, we are dedicated to our customers and believe this product will introduce fresh possibilities for the advantages of steel for more building types in more communities," Ruger added.

The company made a note to say that “…Central States Board & Batten siding is a superior option to other products on the market, including engineered wood, fiber cement, and vinyl; these traditional materials have various downsides including mold, rot, sagging, limited flexibility, inferior weather resistance, and environmental concerns.”

An attractive feature of the product is that it eliminates the need for painting or repainting throughout its lifespan. An environmentally friendly building material, metal is also fully recyclable and dissipates heat, contributing to cooler interiors. 

Central States Board & Batten offers custom lengths up to 30' in versatile widths up to 25.25". Crafted from 26-gauge steel — one of the heaviest gauges available — it also provides a lifetime paint warranty.

Metal board and batten siding is a contemporary and durable exterior cladding option that “adds a touch of modern sophistication” to residential and commercial buildings. The product is comparably priced to other options on the market.  

Key Features of Central States' Steel Board & Batten Siding:

  • Timeless Design Appeal: Central States Board & Batten siding offers residential and commercial structures “enduring beauty” and the benefits of modern construction materials.
  • The Look of Wood with the Strength of Steel: In addition to the 15 solid painted and textured color options, Central States Board & Batten is available in three realistic woodgrain prints: Dark Oak, Barnwood (a gray-weathered look), and Hickory.  The wood grain is applied in a state-of-the-art direct printing process, which results in a thin, highly durable finish that “fools the eye,” even up close.
  • Exceptional Warranty Confidence: Central States backs the durability of steel Board & Batten siding with a lifetime warranty on its painted products and a 20-year warranty on the woodgrain options. This commitment reflects the company's confidence in the product's performance and longevity.
  • Versatility in Application: Suitable for residential homes, custom builds, and commercial structures, steel Board & Batten siding is a flexible solution catering to the diverse needs of contractors, builders, commercial developers, and homeowners.
  • Durable Investment: Steel Board & Batten offers a durable solution without compromising cost-effectiveness.  The Central States offering provides an impressive return on investment, given its lower total cost of ownership. The steel construction ensures longevity, making it a wise investment for residential and commercial applications.

The product is currently available for sale in the following states: NY, OH, PA, NJ, MD, DE, NC, SC, TN, KY, WV, GA, VA, and FL.  

For more information, visit centralstatesco.com.