There's a saying I've heard many times, "Who wants to get rich slow?" That's the truth, isn't it? And it's talking about the seemingly accepted theory that you can save your way to wealth. I'm not here to debate that, but what I would like to call your attention to is GRADUAL anything, doesn't often work. Especially in business.
When you look at making adjustments or changes to your business, the only thing "incremental" will get you is wasted time. If you want big results, you need dramatic changes.
They say little things matter and they do, and they can make major differences, but doing one little thing at a time isn't going to get you anywhere. You have to be bold and aggressive to get, see, and experience real meaningful impacts in your business.
 You'll speed up what you learn about your business when you do this, and that means you can make more effective and timely decisions and you are available to capitalize on opportunity.
 I'd like to give you some of these dramatic changes to consider for your business. 

  • Changing your price, bundling, or creating different levels 
  • Changing your customer, niche, or market 
  • Changing your marketing 
  • Changing the way you sell or how you let customers buy 
  • Changing your follow-up strategy 
  • Changing how you acquire customers 

These are just six big ideas and opportunities where you can make dramatic changes to your business.

You can tweak a few small things and make a difference, but more often than not, the biggest, most profitable breakthroughs comes from looking at your business differently. It’s finding things to adjust and changing that will actually create the biggest opportunities and ways to profit more, and grow faster.
Don't miss the big idea and concept for which you should be basing your decisions and strategies on — incremental improvements give you incremental changes and results — big, bold, dramatic changes give you big, bold, dramatic changes and results.
You get to decide to get rich slow or do things that will accelerate your progress and give you opportunities to make it big. Don't settle for gradual anything, time is ticking and opportunity is flying by. Dramatic changes in your life and business give you more possibilities for dramatic growth, improvements, results, and well, change. And that's what it's all about.