Atlas Roofing Corporation continues to build on the success of its StormMaster Shake shingles by offering significant innovations on the show floor at the 2024 International Roofing Expo. The relaunch of what company officials are calling the most advanced asphalt shingles on the market today highlights several new features that make a dramatic statement.

Those include:

  • Core4 technology
  • HP42 technology
  • Scotchgard Protector by 3M
  • 3M Smog-reducing granule technology
  • Class 4 impact rating
  • Full line of new colors

StormMaster Shake shingles are manufactured with unique proprietary polymer-modified Core4 asphalt technology, allowing them to meet a Class 4 impact rating. Along with superior protection from the elements, the rating provides customers in hail markets access to possible insurance discounts.

For the second consecutive year, Atlas returns to the IRE with shingle products aimed to address resiliency and energy efficiency. The enhancements specifically give the shingle greater resiliency against the damaging impacts of hail. The UL 2218 Class 4 impact rating is the highest rating for impact resistance in asphalt shingles.

And it’s not just homeowners saving money and reducing their environmental impact. The asphalt technology also allows Atlas to reduce energy usage and emissions during the manufacturing process.

Looking beyond impact resistance, StormMaster Shake also incorporates 3M Smog-reducing granules, creating a smog-fighting surface right in any neighborhood. These granules are formulated with a photocatalytic coating that, once activated by sunlight, transforms smog into water-soluble ions, helping to improve air quality.

With 3M Smog-reducing granules, an average-sized roof has the smog-fighting capacity of two to three trees, which improves air quality by helping to remove smog pollutants, one roof at a time.

Through this unique design, Atlas integrates technologically advanced granules into the mix of standard roofing granules used to create the surface that protects the asphalt layer of the shingle. Scotchgard Protector by 3M has been a hallmark of StormMaster Shake shingles for over a decade.

Combining these new innovative technologies with the streak-fighting power of Scotchgard Protector further provides premium protection, design, and color to the roof while adding to the overall performance and aesthetic appeal of every shingle.

In all, with the combination of a Class 4 Impact rating, smog-reducing technology, new beautiful colors and a lifetime warranty against black streaks caused by algae, StormMaster Shake shingles have one of the most innovative sets of features of any asphalt shingle on the market, officials said.

StormMaster Shake can use either StormMaster Hip & Ridge or High-Profile Hip & Ridge as a qualifying component for all Atlas Signature Select Warranty programs. Orders and shipping are currently underway.