TROY, Mich. — BORA® Tool, a leading manufacturer of tools, and workshop accessories is adding a new NGX Rip Guide to its expansive cutting guide lineup.

The all-new BORA NGX RIP Guide makes it quick and easy to accurately rip or cross-cut sheet goods and dimensional lumber. Whether users need to make one, or a series of repeated cuts, the durable aluminum twin rail design prevents racking and misalignment, while the oversized ergonomic handle provides ultimate control. The Rip Guide's revolutionary tool-free clamping mechanism allows for easy snap-in saw mounting – fitting both left and right-handed circular saws. The portable size offers an easy setup, eliminating the need for a large table saw.

"Our customers and how they work are our number one priority. With the Rip Guide, we wanted to deliver on everything they asked for – stability, balance when starting and ending their cut, and tool-free saw mounting," said Rod Bonham, product manager at BORA Tool. "We achieved all those things and more, like the micro-adjusting saw plate that locks in with just a flip of the locking tab. Customers are already raving about this product, and we are so excited to help our users get the results they've wanted." 

Key Features of the NGX Rip Guide include:

  • Makes cuts up to 24-inch (half a sheet of plywood)
  • Compatible with most left or right-handed circular saws
  • Tool-free saw mounting
  • Durable aluminum twin rail frame design
  • Micro-adjust knob for dialing in precise cuts
  • Imperial and metric measurement markings

For a complete list of prices and retailers, visit or call 248-588-0395.