KETCHUM, Idaho — DECKED introduced the new Traction Mat by SeaDek, bringing marine-grade design to the versatile DECKED truck bed Drawer System.

The DECKED Traction Mat by SeaDek creates a grippy surface on top of DECKED’s truck bed Drawer System, while adding some color and unique style to the top deck. The Traction Mat by SeaDek is router-cut to match the topography and geometry of the DECKED Drawer System for uninhibited access to stored gear.

DECKED’s patented Drawer System helps your truck bed work harder and store smarter. The Drawer System’s top deck is great for what it’s designed to do — hold up to 2,000 pounds of gear on top of the in-bed drawer storage. But when it comes to offering a slip-resistant surface, the recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic deck can leave some to be desired in inclement weather. The new DECKED Traction Mat by SeaDek solves this problem, while adding some color and unique style to the Drawer System’s top deck.

“Let’s be honest, in the rain, the Drawer System’s deck can be as slick as a buttered eel on a marble floor. The SeaDek Traction Mat brings much-needed grip and traction to the deck,” said DECKED Vice President of Marketing Greg Randolph. “In addition to holding your gear in place like it's stuck in quicksand, the cushy material creates a soft pad on the deck panels, making it easier on the knees, elbows, and back, should one be crawling around back there.”

Installation is super easy. The 6-millimeter-thick Traction Mat comes with an adhesive back that performs like a giant sticker. Users simply start at the tailgate end of the bed, remove the first few inches of the protective film covering the adhesive surface, align it and stick it to the deck panel, then slowly begin peeling the backing off and pressing the mat to the panel as they go.

Traction Mat is available for 5-foot 6-inch and 6-foot 6-inch full-size truck and cargo van DECKED systems, as well as 5-foot 1-inch and 6-foot 1-inch mid-size truck and cargo van DECKED systems. Customers eager to check out the DECKED Seadek Traction Mat for themselves can learn more at