CANTON, Mass. — Sika Corporation - Roofing announced that it is partnering with a market leader in insulated metal panels, All-Weather Insulated Panels (AWIP), to offer customers even more roofing system options to meet their unique needs. The new Insulated Roof Deck system will consist of AWIP’s OneDek® insulated roof deck panel and Sika’s Sarnafil, PVC roof membrane.

This combination will be fully warranted under Sika Sarnafil’s full system warranty option. This new solution offers an alternative to traditional roof system assemblies, reducing the components needed in a traditional assembly from upwards of seven to only two, including the elimination of a structural steel deck and the multiple layers of ISO board insulation.

System benefits are numerous for the application including enhanced performance, improved sustainability impacts, an overall reduction in lead times and installation of the total roof system. The OneDek® system incorporating the RD1 or RD1-M, flat insulated roof deck panel creates a single component to encompass the steel deck, insulation, air/vapor barrier, and substrate necessary for field application of the Sarnafil PVC roofing membrane for low slope roofs. OneDek® is a high-performance, sustainable and economical alternative to traditional field-assembled roof deck systems. 

“This is an exciting new system offering for us,” said Bill Bellico, VP of Marketing at Sika Sarnafil. “Forming a partnership with a high-quality company like AWIP to offer the marketplace a new option for installing both your structural deck and roof system with less system components is a great new development for us.”

The new system will provide a full system warranty that covers the insulated roof deck panel along with a 60, 72, or 80 mil Sarnafil membrane. 

“A partnership between All Weather Insulated Panels (AWIP) and Sika Sarnafil makes perfect sense for the market,” says Greg Lusty, VP Sales at AWIP. “Combining market leading components like OneDek® insulated roof deck panel and Sarnafil PVC roofing membrane will raise the bar for low slope roofing solutions and allow Sarnafil customers access to one of the most innovative low slope roofing system solutions available today.”

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