Omni Ecosystems has released the new Omni Meadow green roof system. Created in the true spirit of green infrastructure and customized by geographical region, Omni Meadow reintroduces nature into the built environment by recreating native meadows that once flourished where buildings now stand. 

A superior, award-winning product with all the benefits of an extensive green roof, and installed by a local Omni Certified Provider, Omni Meadow is a high performing, cost-effective alternative to any green roof across the U.S.

"Omni Meadow is a game-changing approach to vegetated roofs," said Molly Meyer, CEO and founder of Omni Ecosystems. "Creating truly biodiverse, lush, and beautiful green roofs that go beyond sedum is what designers and doers imagine when they envision the future of rooftops. Through Omni Meadow, what you’ve wanted is possible and actually incredibly easy and cost-effective."

Easy Installation

Omni Meadow is one of the most straightforward and economical installations on the market. Because the system is comprised of a seed mix paired with Omni’s ultra-lightweight optimized engineered growing media, Omni Infinity, the weight and volume of product required for installation is significantly lower than that of a typical extensive green roof. Starting at a three-inch depth with a load of 14 pounds per square foot, its light weight can also allow for installation on roofs that were not designed with a traditional green roof in mind.

Low Maintenance

The Omni Meadow is designed to be self-regenerative, with meadow plants finding their niche on each roof and working with Omni Infinity to grow a robust ecosystem over time. Only monthly maintenance visits are needed during growing season, none in the dormant season.


Omni Meadow provides all the same benefits of an extensive green roof and more. Omni Meadows create a habitat for local and migratory species like birds and butterflies. Scaled across an area, they can provide a corridor of beneficial habitats. They manage stormwater, extend roof life, and benefit surrounding neighborhoods by reducing Urban Heat Island Effect, improving air quality, and decreasing noise pollution.

"For nearly two decades, we have been refining and applying Omni Infinity growing media to rooftops, and for more than a decade, Omni Ecosystems has been developing best practices for this nature-based technology," said Meyer. "Now Omni Certified Providers, roofing and landscape contractors across the country, can provide expert installation and maintenance for Omni Meadow, the green roof everyone has always wanted."

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