RC: How would you assess the state of the roofing industry in 2022?

Renee Ramey (RR): Residential metal roofing is still going strong! We have seen little slowing during what would normally be the “slow season” (winter) as pent-up demand continues to remain high. Members of the MRA that we’ve spoken to are busier than ever, with backlogs carrying them well into 2022.

RC: How did the supply shortages of 2021 impact business and where did you find stability?

RR: Supply issues plagued the residential roofing market across the board — regardless of roofing type.  Many MRA members did experience some delay in material supply but, from what we’re being told, the supply issues were short-term.

The biggest shortage impacting the metal roofing market remains the lack of installers. The MRA has been participating in an industry-wide effort to capture the interest and attention of laborers, encouraging them to consider a career in the metal roofing industry. The MRA also has participated in the development of training materials specific to metal roofing that are being developed by the NRCA.  This program, once completed, will provide a great resource for individuals seeking installation training of various metal roofing styles.

RC: What are you optimistic about in 2022?

RR: The demand for quality metal roofing is high and expected to continue growing. That means now is the perfect time to get involved. The shortage of installers is hindering growth in many areas as there are simply not enough contractors to cover homeowner demand. In addition, the profit margins for metal roofing are on average higher than with most other roofing options. Couple that with increased weather events due to climate change, the desire for more sustainable roofing options and the better long-term value that metal roofing offers, and you’ve got a hot market with no end in sight. The metal roofing industry offers several training opportunities for those new to the market as well.

RC: What are you proudest of as the industry tries to recover from the challenges of the past year or two?

RR: The MRA has done a stellar job generating new, relevant, and engaging materials aimed at educating homeowners about quality metal roofing. These materials cover topics that are often overlooked or brushed over quickly but have real meaning to homeowners. That includes offering details about the roofing process, specifications covering metal roofing options, and more in-depth education on what to look for or ask when replacing your roof.

The MRA also has found great success in sharing testimonials and examples of reroof projects, giving homeowners inspiration and incentive to move ahead with the metal roofing projects. Driving consumer awareness through our various outlets is key and MRA realized the highest engagement results thus far, showing that the MRA is reaching the correct audience with pertinent, meaningful, and accurate information in a timely manner.