SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.  Restoration Builders, Inc. announced that it has appointed Michael "The Colonel"  Iovieno as president of its residential business.

Iovieno joined Restoration Builders in 2017 and has served as the company's chief operating officer since 2019. He brings four decades of military leadership and business management. Iovieno previously served as mayor of Cinco Bayou, Fla. He earned a Bachelor of Applied Science Degree in psychology from Worcester State University and a Master of Arts in Liberal Arts from Texas Christian University.

Iovieno's previous business experience includes brokering contracts in compliance with international laws and procedures, residential and commercial real estate development and large scale international logistical support.

"I am honored to extend a warm welcome to Mike as president of our residential business. Mike is a highly decorated retired United States Air Force Lieutenant Colonel, and he has served as president of a commercial and residential real estate business, and as vice president of an investment management firm," said John Lorenz, chairman and CEO of Restoration Builders, Inc. "He has great leadership skills and a proven ability to build cohesive teams. He knows how to accomplish goals. I look forward to working together as we drive the company forward to the next level of growth."