Building Envelope Associates LLC, sales representatives of leading manufacturer roofing, waterproofing and building products, represent Shredded Tire™. Shredded Tire is dedicated to providing green solutions in building materials, using recycled tires integrated into the latest innovation in alternative roofing and building systems.

Shredded Tire converts tire waste into a revolutionary technology through an internationally patented proprietary process. The cutting-edge, roof block systems are manufactured using recycled materials otherwise destined for landfills and kilns.

Shredded Tire construction materials provide high strength, excellent insulation, LEED credits and reduce waste on a global scale. The company manufactures, Echo Roofing Assemblies, cementitious, shredded tire roof blocks, mixed with a combination of recycled cement products. Echo Products are changing the industry, replacing the need for wood blocking while conserving millions of trees by recycling millions of tires from landfills and burning.

“We are enthusiastic to be a part of the Shredded Tire mission to reduce waste and protect the environment,” said John Massengill, Building Envelope Associates president. “At Building Envelope Associates we search for innovations that make great impact on efficiency, extend life use and minimize carbon footprint. Shredded Tire’s philosophy is in keeping with our focus on sustainable products that conserve natural resources while giving a second life to recycled materials.”