ToughBuilt proves yet again how its gear meets the needs of every construction pro with its heavy duty and non-marring GelFit™ Thigh Support Stabilization Knee Pads (model TB-KP-G3R). 

ToughBuilt’s latest innovation provides the ultimate in stability, comfort, and functionality. What makes these knee pads outstanding is ToughBuilt’s premium manufacturing: abrasion-resistant 1680D fabric, rugged double-injected shell with non-slip rubber and shatter-resistant plastic made to the highest quality standards, ensuring durability to withstand harsh work environments and saving you from constantly buying replacements. They also have heavily textured contact surfaces, so you feel safe and confident while on the job.

The G3R knee pads have an ergonomic fit: Thigh support keeps the knee centered within the kneepad, so your range of motion isn’t compromised. The design provides ultimate stability, while also allowing complete side-to-side range of motion.

The unique gel cushion and foam design embraces the natural shape of the knee and upper shin, maximizing pressure distribution for all day comfort. You can just put them on and leave them on. The elastic, EVA, buckle thigh and calf straps comfortably lock in place without cutting off circulation. Time wasted on constantly adjusting your equipment is a thing of the past, because the G3R never rotates off your knee. 

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