WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Stormseal announced that it has launched a new U.S. website at stormseal.com/us, just in time for hurricane season.

“We’ve had such an increased interest in Stormseal from U.S.-based contractors, insurance companies and homeowners that we developed a site that addresses the unique needs of those audiences,” said Matthew Lennox, Stormseal CEO.

After inventing and establishing Stormseal as the leading storm-response solution in Australia, Lennox expanded the product’s manufacturing and sales into the United States. Contractors, insurance companies and property owners quickly recognized the benefits that Stormseal delivers by properly protecting the structure and preventing further damage to the property.

“The U.S. website was needed in order for us to properly speak to our customers,” said Lennox. “There are differences in terminology and in the insurance and claims processes for each country. As the popularity continued to grow in the U.S. market, we knew we needed to build a separate site to accommodate the needs of our partners. We are excited to see the launch of this new site.”

Visitors to the site will be able to access the latest company news and information, as well as easily view dates and locations for the U.S. training centers. Currently, there are still a few spots open in the Aug. 13–14 training classes in Mulberry, Fla. Classes are scheduled out monthly through the end of the year. Following training, contractors are issued a username and password, allowing access to the online ordering portal on the Stormseal website. Contractors order what they need and the product is delivered to their door.

Visit the new website at stormseal.com/us.