An explosion at a Utah-based roofing contractor's property injured a fuel truck operator and threatened to damage the business' equipment and facilities on Wednesday afternoon.

The St. George News reports that a truck from Sevier Valley Oil was delivering around 2,000 pounds of fuel to Skyline Roofing, located in Hurricane, Utah. Around 3:30 p.m., as the operator began offloading the fuel, the truck exploded. The driver was transported to the Dixie Regional Medical Center to be treated for burns they suffered while trying to escape from the explosion.

At least two engines from the Hurricane Valley Fire Department responded, dousing the tank with water to keep the flames from reaching storage containers, heavy equipment, additional fuel storage tanks and a hay storage pole barn located on the property. 

According to the St. George News, Hurricane Valley Deputy Chief Kevin Gildea said the cause of the fire is still being investigated.

"It was called in as an explosion," Gildea told the St. George News. "They're trying to keep the tanks cool."

Around 5:28 p.m., another explosion could be heard when a tank was breached. Fire crews spent more than six hours containing the blaze, finally extinguishing it around 9 p.m.