SAN DIEGO — Southern California-based Baker Electric Home Energy announced it has completed its 10,000th residential solar installation.

A member of the Baker Electric family of companies, Baker Electric Home Energy said in a release that it’s built on 80 years of electrical contracting expertise and is now the largest privately-owned solar provider in San Diego County.

"Completing our 10,000th home solar installation is not only a significant company milestone, but also a demonstration of customer trust and our promise to deliver expertly engineered systems with the world's best solar components," said Mike Teresso, president of Baker Electric Home Energy. "Southern Californians are some of the most solar-savvy and environmentally-conscious homeowners in the world and our growth is testament to their commitment to renewable energy."

Baker noted it’s ranked among the nation's top solar contractors by Solar Power World for the sixth consecutive year in 2018. Specifically, the company was recognized no. 6 in solar rooftop installations and no. 16 in solar contracting nationwide.

"Our mission is to empower homeowners to produce, manage and use their energy in ways that enhance their families' lifestyle and save on utility costs," Teresso said. "We're committed to expanding our services through smart innovation and strong partnerships with leading solar panel manufacturers like LG and Panasonic."

In addition to solar panels, Baker designs systems that include the industry's leading home batteries meeting customer desire for more energy control as utility costs continue to rise. The Federal Investment Tax Credit and California's SGIP rebate have made the purchase of batteries financially attractive and are helping drive market growth.

"Batteries give homeowners the ability to store their excess solar energy for use at night or during times of the day when utility rates are at their peak," said Teresso. "This is a game changer that's moving our customers closer to achieving energy independence."