SprayWorks Equipment Grou logoCANTON, Ohio — SprayWorks Equipment Group L.L.C. recently released a unique video preview of a product it plans to launch in February.

The 28-second preview is unique because it presents the product and uses imagery in a way that brings to mind a trailer for a blockbuster movie — complete with dramatic music (featuring ominous horn blasts), lots of fading in and out, and glitchy video transitions.

Spoiler alert: Marketing Director Jennifer Hristovski said it’s all about the Canton, Ohio company’s planned launch of “a new version of the Spraybot — called ‘Coaterbot.’”

Hristovski calls it a revolutionary robot designed to consistently apply coatings.

“There is no other robot on the market that can consistently apply coatings with an even and accurate pass each time,” she said.  

Hristovski said that more details on the Coaterbot will be released at a later date.

Check out the just released video preview below: