SAGINAW, Mich. — Duro-Last is honored to recognize long-time independent sales representative Don Morris for his 36 years of dedicated service and support. On September 30, Don retired after a successful career that was integral to the growth of Duro-Last products and services.

As one of Duro-Last’s original independent sales representatives, Don was instrumental in helping John R. Burt develop the foundation for what the company is today. Don’s enthusiasm and professionalism helped to build Duro-Last’s strong network of authorized contractors throughout the Central United States region.

“Don has been a vital part of the Duro-Last family for many years,” said Kathy Burt Allen, John’s daughter. “He has always inspired the best in people with his honesty, character, and work ethic - it’s been an honor to work with him.”

Don owns the Morris Group, LLC and resides in Topeka, Kan. with his wife Molly. During his time as an independent sales representative for Duro-Last, Don worked with authorized contractors and industry professionals in the Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma regions.

“Don was one of our first independent sales representatives who John R. Burt and all of Duro-Last respected as a successful and professional sales person,” said Tom Lawler, longtime friend and business associate of John. “But more importantly Don Morris is a kind and wonderful man. He will always be a loved member of the Duro-Last family.”

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