Honeywell recently announced the launch of the Honeywell North Primair PA700 Series Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR), a next-generation, belt-mounted safety device that protects against airborne particulates while adding a new level of comfort, ease-of-use and easy maintenance for industrial workers.

PAPRs, which protect workers against contaminants that can pose significant health risks, have had separate, exposed functional parts as part of the design, making them cumbersome and difficult to operate. The new Primair PA700 has been designed to be lightweight, ergonomic, intuitive and efficient to keep workers comfortable, productive and safe.

“The PA700 features improved design with elements for better worker protection as well as improved worker comfort and ease of use,” said Victoria Frank, senior product manager, respiratory, Honeywell Industrial Safety, a global leader in personal protective equipment. “With its many built-in ergonomic advantages, workers can have the comfort that leads to increased productivity, as well as enhanced respiratory protection.”

The PA700 Series kit includes a newly designed, high-efficiency blower, breathing tube, waist belt, battery and charger — plus a single, high-capacity P100 particulate filter that provides a 99.97 percent filtration, and is NIOSH-approved to P100. It can also can be used in conjunction with Primair loose-fitting head covers and hoods.

Honeywell’s PA700 serves a variety of industrial, medical and commercial applications including pharmaceutical manufacturing, silica production, asbestos abatement, construction, grinding and welding, shipbuilding, timber-cutting and hospital labs and clean room applications. 

Other features include:

  • User-friendly two-button operation
  • Twist and click technology -- one filter that installs with a single twist and locks in with a click, so worker knows protection is assured.  Integrated, rechargeable battery installs fast and easy with a push and a click for secure attachment
  • Adjustable airflow technology – three air speeds help to keep workers cool throughout entire shifts
  • Easy to clean – smooth case wipes down in minutes with a damp cloth or alcohol wipe; no crevices to trap particulates
  • Quick, easy battery charge – Easy three-step operation: push the “quick release” button, pull out the battery, snap into the charger
  • Even weight distribution -- PA700 belt distributes weight evenly over the back to prevent worker fatigue.  A comfort pad accessory provides extra, cushioned lower back support 
  • Additional built-in safety features – filter design prevents exposure to contaminants during cleaning; easy-to-operate controls are easily accessed even when wearing gloves; stay-locked battery compartment keeps battery secure
  • Long operating life – battery delivers 10 to 12 hours on a charge
  • Streamlined filter design --  a single, high-capacity filter can be used, instead of multiple filters

Honeywell is the global leader in personal protective equipment, industrial safety products and services, which include equipment to protect workers from helmet to boot, including hearing protection, safety harnesses, respiratory and electrical safety equipment, turnout gear for first responders and protective eye-, hand- and footwear.

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