Bon Tool Co. manufactures its heavy duty BHTC Hammer Tacker to stand up to rugged job sites and multiple years of use. The professional quality tacker features durable all-steel construction and a non-slip, ergonomically styled and padded handle grip. A built-in buffer plate protects the work piece from damage. The tacker is used for multiple applications including roofing, insulation, stucco/lathe and carpet installation. 

Its light weight and single hand function makes the Heavy Duty Hammer Tacker easy to use for quick staple application. The tacker has spring load staple feed for staples sized 1/4" to 9/16".

Bon also manufactures a Pro-Quality B19 Hammer Tacker which is a light-duty tacker that accommodates smaller staples sized 1/4" to 3/8". Both tackers have been popular for general contractors.

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