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Landing Leads in the Digital World

Five digital strategies for roofing contractors to quickly get higher-quality leads.

Did you know that four out of five consumers search for local businesses online? This research is especially crucial for consumers who are searching for roofers. People need to know they can trust your business before they allow you to work in or on their home.

This is where digital marketing comes in. A comprehensive digital marketing strategy won’t simply validate your business and build trust with consumers online. It can also help you reach new markets and create a strong, consistent brand that customers recommend to friends and family over and over.

Here are my best practices for building a digital marketing strategy that works.

1. Validate Your Brand

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The right strategy will validate your brand and make you look better online. By cleaning up your directory information and building a better online presence, you’ll validate your business to those consumers who are searching for a roofer in their area.

2. Make Sure All Your Information is Correct

In the process of cleaning up your online information, you’ll build a strong online reputation, an effective branding strategy for any roofer looking to bring in new business. However, many contractors lack the time and resources to do this on their own.

You need a marketing partner that protects your brand and cleans up your information across the Internet. By hiring a local marketing agency, you’ll benefit from the expertise and experience of an entire marketing team that provides correct, consistent information to online directories and search engines like Google.

3. Strong Call to Action on Your Mobile Microsite

Confused people don’t take action. Your website needs to give your target audience clear directions on what to do next and how to interact with your business.

The days of big, beefy websites with tons of info are no longer. A clear, concise microsite with a strong call-to-action is all you need. A microsite is a branded content site separate from your website, and your microsite should be designed to drive conversions and help you get more leads.

4. Generate Positive Reviews

Reviews matter today and even more tomorrow. With 91 percent of consumers reading reviews online, your online reputation management is more important than ever. You need a review strategy that helps you generate more reviews and alerts you to any negative reviews so that you can quickly fix any problems, salvaging the customer relationship and protecting your reputation.

5. Be Found by Customers Everywhere

At RevLocal, we like to remind our roofing clients that a good local search marketing strategy will help them own where they are, but to reach new markets and bring in more leads, an online advertising strategy is a must.

Roofing contractors should find an agency that can help them build Google and Bing search ads, ads across social media and retargeting ads that target consumers who’ve already interacted with your business. Working with an agency that has received advertising awards and certifications is your best bet for finding a true partner who will work meticulously, with one goal in mind: your advertising success.


Traditional marketing methodologies are dying. Get with the times with front edge, online marketing solutions. Quit losing leads to your competitors who aren’t as good at taking care of their customers but happen to be better marketers.

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