BRAMPTON, Ontario – IKO AquaBarrier™ VP Self-Adhering Vapour Permeable Membrane provides a primerless, versatile, vapour permeable membrane solution with easy installation and mold resistance for a variety of building envelope applications.

Self-Adhering, Versatile Applications

A self-adhering, primerless membrane, AquaBarrier VP provides superior performance in wall assemblies where a vapour permeable, weather-resistive air barrier is required.

“AquaBarrier VP is engineered to not only serve as an excellent air barrier but also diffuse vapour, which allows walls to drain and substrates to dry,” said Akif Amin, vice president of IKO’s commercial division. “Architects, specifiers and roofing consultants can enjoy the fact that AquaBarrier VP also complies with – and in some cases, exceeds – industry standards for high-performance commercial air and weather barriers.”

Thanks to the vapour permeable matrix of AquaBarrier VP, it is readily compatible and can be applied to most common substrates such as gypsum, oriented strand board (OSB), block, concrete, concrete masonry unit (CMU) and plywood. The membrane is also designed for various applications, including masonry cavity walls, metal cladding systems, renovations and retrofits, siding, curtain walls and parapets.

Easy Installation

The lightweight design of the AquaBarrier VP membrane makes it easy to install, with no mechanical attachments or primer required for standard application. Coated with a proprietary acrylic adhesive on the back surface, AquaBarrier VP offers high performance for common wall applications and also features an easily removed polypropylene release film.

AquaBarrier VP is an effective vapour permeable membrane when installed according to IKO specifications.

Mold and Mildew Resistance

Lastly, AquaBarrier VP is constructed of a polyolefin synthetic polymer (fibre) membrane with low water retention capacity and is therefore mold and mildew resistant.

Wall System Accessories

The IKO AquaBarrier line includes a full range of membrane and accessory products that provide superior protection in wall assemblies with air and vapour barrier systems. Engineered to meet or exceed industry standards for high performance, the line includes self-adhering and torch-on wall membranes, through-wall flashing membrane, foundation protection and flashing tapes.

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