Are you looking for a way to better contain debris in small, annoying areas? Do you get frustrated by not being able to contain the debris efficiently between adjacent buildings? We hear you. That's why we've created a brand new product for you. The Equipter RB2000. It’s the answer to all of your small space debris problems.  

All you have to do is drive this durable little dumpster right under the eve of the house, position the outriggers, and fill it with your debris. It's that easy. Once the container is full, just drive it to your dumpster or any other desired location, lift, and dump.

The Equipter RB2000 has a 7’ Lift to increase efficiency and production on the job site. The lift feature on the RB2000 enables you to have the container close to the roof to ensure no debris falls to the ground and damages your clients' landscape.

The RB2000 is self-propelled with a gasoline powered hydraulic system. It's designed to lift, dump, and drive, so you and your debris can go wherever you want.

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