KANKAKEE, Ill. — IKO Dynasty™ shingles with ArmourZone™ are now available in eight dynamic, high-definition color blends including the newest addition, Granite Black.
IKO’s Dynasty shingle color portfolio offers even more aesthetic options to boost curb appeal — including Appalachian, Biscayne, Pacific Rim, Sedona, Glacier, Cornerstone, Castle Grey and the newest Granite Black — along with durable weather resistance to winds up to 130 mph (210 km/h).
“Black continues to be a top color choice among homeowners and contractors alike, so we’re pleased to introduce a new, contrasted Granite Black in one of our most innovative product offerings, Dynasty shingles with ArmourZone,” said Mark Okland, IKO’s product development manager. “Granite Black’s rich contrast is formulated by applying a blend of two distinct black granules on the shingles’ surface, which creates unique tone variations, deep shadow bands and a dimensional shingle profile. The finished result is a vibrant, attention-grabbing roofscape that is on-trend with the bold, rich colors that homeowners continue to demand.”
Much like the other color swatches in the Dynasty lineup, Granite Black is engineered using an exclusive color blend technology process that complements any home façade with a dynamic, artful roofscape.
Ease of Installation
In addition to their eye-catching design, IKO Dynasty architectural laminate shingles with ArmourZone also offer ease of installation through the addition of the “ArmourZone” — an enlarged nailing area that makes project installation faster, easier and more accurate.
Two nailing lines that are 1-1/4" apart identify the ArmourZone, which is 40 percent wider than IKO’s standard 7/8" roofing shingle nailing zones and also easily guides installers for correct nail placement. IKO Dynasty shingles also feature a tear-resistant, reinforced woven band within the ArmourZone that provides fastening strength over a greater surface area of the shingle, helping to resist nail heads from pulling through the shingle in high winds.
Plus, Dynasty shingles with ArmourZone are formulated in IKO’s special “Advantage” size, which has a larger exposure (5 7/8”) than most competitors’ comparable products (5 5/8”). With 100 square feet of coverage per three bundles, installation of Dynasty shingles not only is faster and easier for contractors, but also lowers job costs associated with excess materials and labor. And despite their larger size, Dynasty shingles require only four nails per shingle to properly install compared with the typical six nails for most shingles — providing even greater project savings.
Coordinating Roofing Accessories
Complementary hip and ridge cap shingles are also available to accentuate the roof line for the perfect finishing touch. They are part of IKO’s PRO4™ Roofing Components System, which includes four multi-layered components — eave protection, underlayment, roof starters and ridge cap shingles — that protect vulnerable areas of the roof to provide homeowners with effective resistance against the elements and total peace of mind.
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