The final step in any well-done TPO job is removing the dirt and scuffs that are inevitably left behind during installation. New Mule-Hide TPO with CLEAN Film from Mule-Hide Products Co. makes this task fast and simple, saving contractors time and money.
The CLEAN Film protects the membrane during installation and then is easily removed, revealing a roof ready for final inspection. No cleaning is required and there is no loss of initial solar reflectivity caused by dirt and scuffs that have accumulated during installation.
Mule-Hide TPO with CLEAN Film can be used in re-cover, re-roof and new construction jobs. It is an ideal solution when a reliable water source is unavailable, or when water conservation or water containment/runoff regulations make cleaning with water impractical.
The durable, rugged film does not shift and will withstand the most intense heat, rain, wind and exposure to ultraviolet radiation without deteriorating. The 5-foot-wide sheets can be easily pulled up by a single crew member, with stress-free, splinter-free removal ensured for 90 days after installation.
“Mule-Hide TPO with CLEAN Film can save contractors significant time and money while helping them deliver a high-quality finished product to their customers,” said Kate Baumann, director of marketing and procurement for Mule-Hide Products Co. “Pressure washing a TPO roof typically costs between $0.15 and $0.75 per square foot, and eliminating this step can save busy crews at least a day of labor.” 
The CLEAN Film’s cool gray color also reduces the glare that can make working with white TPO membranes difficult on sunny days. It also enables moisture to evaporate more quickly, enhancing crew safety.
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