Dave Rowe, vice president of Roofinox America of Eatontown, N.J., has announced that N.B. Handy, the Lynchburg, Va. based supplier of metals, metal fabricating machinery, and sheet metal for the roofing and HVAC trades, has become a stocking provider of the Roofinox line of stainless steel and tin plated (Terne) stainless metal roofing materials.  

Dave Rowe noted, “We are pleased to welcome the N.B. Handy Co. to our distribution network. This arrangement gives N.B. Handy a proven stainless steel roofing product it can confidently offer to customers, knowing it will be embraced for its durability, corrosion resistance and visual appeal.”  It also provides N.B. Handy with a product “For its architectural network that is quite malleable and easy to roll-form—something specifically absent from the marketplace since Follansbee closed its doors and cut off the supply of TCS II to the American market,”said Rowe. He added that, “Architects will be particularly happy with its availability for restoration and historic projects. “ 

With the new arrangement, N.B. Handy will offer its customers the capability to produce structural roofing profiles with premier stainless steel and tin plated (Terne) stainless steel roofing materials. Tony Bonavito, vice president of procurement and supplier management at N.B. Handy notes, “We are excited about this development because providing the Roofinox stainless materials allows us to offer a full line of products and finishes to our customers.”  

For more information, visit www.roofinoxamerica.com