Everhard’s new Wrist-Saver™ series puts ergonomics first. The Wrist-Saver roller’s patented design allows for proper positioning of arm, wrist and hand into a natural, relaxed working position. This position allows roofers to use the power of the whole arm to conserve energy, allowing more productivity and less fatigue. Keeping your wrist in a more comfortable position and your arm moving in a natural motion helps you increase leverage and avoid wrist strain. Everhard’s Wrist-Saver™ is made in the USA and is available as a 1-7/16" diameter x 1-3/4" wide silicone roller (heat-resistant), and also as a 2" diameter x 2" wide steel roller, with a radiused edge as an option. For more information, visit www.EverhardRoofingTools.com.