Located nearly 4,000 feet above sea level in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Blowing Rock, N.C., is prone to harsh winters. With snow, sleet, ice and strong wind gusts wreaking havoc on homes year after year, choosing high-performance building products is essential to withstand the elements over time.

For one particular Blowing Rock resident, a deteriorating asphalt roof led to research into replacement options. Natural slate was a top choice for its aesthetics and durability. However, the home’s existing roof structure could not support the weight of slate without added support and framing. Additionally, the cost of purchasing and installing natural slate was significantly higher than replacing the worn asphalt with an engineered product.

Aiming to replicate the beauty and durability of quarried slate, the homeowner found an ideal solution for his retrofit project in Ply Gem Roofing Engineered Slate, a high-performance, light-weight and easy-to-install product.

At less than half the weight of natural slate, there was no need for structural reinforcement or framing. The lighter weight, combined with the benefit of pre-blended and sorted shingles, resulted in a more efficient installation time. From a post-installation performance standpoint, Ply Gem Roofing Engineered Slate is also tested to withstand wind loads of up to 110 mph, as well as golf-ball-sized hailstones, giving this homeowner the peace of mind that his new roof will endure the harsh climate of Blowing Rock for the long haul.

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