December 4-6, 2024
Bonita Springs, FL
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Best of Success Seminar: Target Your Audience and Convert More Leads

Ken Kelly and Anna Anderson

Best of Success

Ken Kelly is president of Kelly Roofing & Energy Saving Solutions, headquartered in Naples, Fla. He tried to find one person to handle his print media, website, social media and technical writing. He failed. “That person simply doesn’t exist,” Kelly said. “You need a team. And you need a team that does this as a full-time job so they can stay on top on whatever trends or changes are occurring in the industry.”

He turned to Anna Anderson of Art Unlimited for help. She serves as a senior strategist for roofing contractors across the country, providing strategies for website development, programming, social media advertising, e-mail marketing and search engine optimization, to name a few. She put together a team of people to help Kelly that included an artist, a writer, a developer, a programmer, an optimization strategist, auditor, promoter, social media manager and marketing strategist.

“Anna’s team is what really drove my success,” Kelly said. The two joined forces at Best of Success to share their insights on landing more business is a session titled “Seven Proven Strategies for Generating and Converting Leads.”

One reason the team approach is so crucial is that the digital landscape is constantly shifting. Google makes more than 500 substantive changes to its analytics per year, noted Kelly, making keeping up with pay-per-click strategies difficult. “Things are changing so rapidly it’s hard to keep up,” Kelly said. “But we know one thing for sure: Everything is going digital.”

That means an optimizing strategist is critical, according to Anderson. “If you aren’t found, what’s the point of running a business?” she asked.

Anderson urged roofing contractors to narrow their focus when it comes to social media and participate with passion. “Social media is all about loyalty and engaging the customer and showing them how phenomenal you are,” she said. “Focus your energy on a few social media platforms that your audience resides within.”

“The thing about social media is it’s a pay to play atmosphere,” she continued. “If you’re not paying to infuse your message into your audience’s news feed, they are not seeing it. Pay to connect with that individual.”

Anderson advised contractors to identify the types of clients they are trying to reach and target them. “You can take a map and identify the specific groups — commercial roofs, shingle roofs, tile roofs, metal roofs, HOAs — and create a marketing strategy for each specific segment,” Anderson noted.

Kelly and Anderson urged attendees to focus on the quality of their leads — not the quantity. “It’s not about getting hundreds or thousands of leads.” Anderson said. “It’s about getting the right leads. The right leads make you money.”


Broadcasting Live

“Seven Proven Strategies for Generating and Converting Leads” was presented as a live webinar. To view the archived version on demand, just click here.



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