FallTechFallTech Non-Penetrating Anchors

 FallTech has announced the launch of two new non-penetrating specialty anchors: the Parapet Wall Clamp and the Window/Door Opening anchors. The anchors are used primarily as overhead fall arrest anchorages for connecting vertical lifelines and self-retracting devices. Both anchorage connectors install without tools and are lightweight enough to be safely moved as work locations change. Features include: durable steel and aluminum construction for secure attachment and extended service life; a high degree of adjustability for use in a wide variety of work locations; multiple anchors that can be used in succession to provide workers with potential for 100 percent tie-off; and standard D-Ring connection for attaching a wide variety of personal fall arrest systems. The anchors are OSHA compliant and designed for fall arrest or restraint. For more information, visit www.falltech.com.