MORGAN HILL, Calif. — The Western States Roofing Contractors Association (WSRCA) introduced The Roofing Games at the Western Roofing Expo in June. Designed specifically for the roofing industry, The Roofing Games are the nation’s first official set of competitions sanctioned by a roofing association and are produced in conjunction with the Western Roofing Expo. Participants compete in a series of events that challenge their knowledge and skill set level pertaining to equipment, materials and processes used in the roofing industry. The WSRCA believes this new addition to the Western Roofing Expo will bring out the competitive spirit in roofing contractors, technicians and workers while instilling confidence to excel in their trade, giving them a sense of pride and belonging in an industry that requires both brains and brawn.

This year WSRCA kicked off The Roofing Games with one main event: The Nailing Competition sponsored by Malarkey Roofing Products. Six contestants were randomly chosen in a drawing during the Malarkey Roofing Products demo. With two decks on the stage, contestants battled in a timed event, showcasing their individual asphalt-shingle nailing skills. Contestants were judged on both time and accurate shingle installation. The event was well received by both attendees and exhibitors, not to mention the participants, who received cash prizes donated by Malarkey. Each participant had the chance of winning anywhere from $100 to $500 plus a Malarkey jacket. The WSRCA plans to expand The Roofing Games to include additional events for the Western Roofing Expo 2015.

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