Bullet ToolsBullet Tools circular foam blades

Bullet Tools’ new CenterFire circular foam blades are designed to cut rigid foam. According to the manufacturer, they reduce dust by 95 percent while producing factory-smooth cuts with no kerf. The new blades feature a specially sized cooling void that allows the blades to slice though foam sheets and ICF with no static, dust or odor. The blades cut through most laminated rigid foam facings including roofing felt, paper, aluminum foil and mylar/plastic film. These new patent-pending blades are available in 10 inches for tables saws and 7.25 inches for worm-drive saws. The 7.25-inch blade can be used with sidewinder saws on foam no more than 1inch thick. The 10-inch blade comes with a SpeedSpacer or shim to be used alongside the fence to prevent binding. For cross cuts on narrow strips, a miter gauge is recommended. For more information, visit www.bullettools.com.