Capital SafetyCapital Safety i-Safe mobile app

Capital Safety has introduced the next innovation in i-Safe™ technology: the i-Safe 3.1 Mobile App for iOS and Android handheld devices. The app provides a user-friendly platform that improves operational efficiencies, reduces costs and shifts management focus from paper-based activities toward technology-based activities to improve utilization of end-user resources and technical expertise. The app supports the popular i-Safe 3.0 Intelligent Safety System, the industry’s first RFID system dedicated to fall protection equipment and inspection tracking. The RFID system provides web-enabled intelligent technology to allow the user to easily record and access inspection, inventory and purchase information. The easy-to-use program allows users to create their own checklists or select one from the extensive i-Safe library, offering both off-the-shelf and tailored processes for any size organization. It links mobile devices, software and web portals, providing easy access to data and reports, and can be used either as a hosted (cloud-based) service or installed in house. For more information, visit