WALTHAM, Mass. — SPRI has released a field test method for bond strength of low-rise foam adhesives to existing roof substrates. Requests for field adhesion tests — especially for fleece-back membranes — have become more prevalent. SPRI is answering this industry need by providing technical guidance that will standardize the test procedure. SPRI represents sheet membrane and component suppliers to the commercial roofing industry.

The field test method is an addendum toANSI/SPRI IA-1, Standard Field Test Procedure for Determining the Mechanical Uplift Resistance of Insulation Adhesives over Various Substrates. Taking into consideration that roof membrane manufacturers have tested their membranes and have known values, the pull test procedure will focus specifically on the adhesion of the adhesive to specific roof substrates and monolithic decks using low-rise foam adhesives.

The testing procedure incorporates five steps — from preparing the substrate to receive the adhesive, to reporting the maximum value obtained in the field withdrawal test in pounds per square foot (psf) and the failure mode.

“It remains important that roofing professionals consult membrane manufacturers’ product testing for specific data related to ultimate system performance,” said SPRI Technical Director Mike Ennis. “The results of this field test method are not an indication of system performance, and SPRI does not warrant that the test method is proper and applicable in all conditions.”

For more information, contact info@spri.orgor visit www.spri.org.