TUCSON, Ariz. — The United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued a patent (US 2013 – 8,372,226) for SolarPower Restoration Systems based on the company’s SolarSeal Technologies™. The patent,filed by company founder Michael Gumm, is part of the SolarSeal Technology portfolio of patents and pending patents combining high-performance, elastomeric roof coatings with the latest flexible, thin film photovoltaics, creating new sustainable and renewable solar-powered roof surfaces.


SolarSeal Technologies solves the common problem of photovoltaic modules service life, outlasting existing roof systems the PV modules are installed on. It installs a photovoltaic array directly over any existing roof system and synchronizes the roof service life with the longer performance life of the photovoltaic modules.


The SolarSeal PV Roof System™ applies thin film or crystalline photovoltaics directly to either new or existing asphalt, built-up smooth and granule surfaced 90-pound cap sheet roofing, including SBS and APP modified bitumen roof systems. It works over all single-ply roof membranes (EPDM, PVC, TPO and Hypalon) and is the only universal solution designed to apply thin film and crystalline photovoltaics directly onto any roof substrate, creating a monolithic, warrantable, waterproof photovoltaic roof surface. SolarPower Restoration Systems has developed this technology and will license it for roofing applications.


SolarPower Restoration Systems is establishing product and system license agreements, partnerships and other strategic alliances with major solar and building product companies around the world to utilize its proprietary SolarSeal Technologies™.


For more information, contact info@solarpower-restoration.comor visit www.solarpower-restoration.com.