Royal Roofing has earned a reputation for delivering top-quality work on even the toughest projects. According to Tim Frisch, a project manager at the company, the key is teamwork.

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“It’s a great group and company to work with and for,” Frisch said. “Our mindset is very team oriented. It stems from project managers and office managers to our field managers and superintendents, who are involved in scheduling projects. We have a very stringent quality control process that our superintendants follow and monitor on a daily basis with all of our projects, whether it be flat roofing in the commercial line of things, or in any of the sloped roofs, metal roofs and historic restoration-type work. Quality control is very key in this business, and I’ve learned that over the years. One of our biggest company policies — and it’s actually noted on signs all over our office — is ‘zero punch list items.’ Look at the project, understand the project, and do it right.”

Frisch is a 17-year industry veteran who joined Royal Roofing three years ago. Owned by Dan Davis, the company is headquartered in Orion, Mich., and has affiliates in Charlotte, N.C., Fort Lauderdale, Fla., and Whitmore Lake, Mich. It’s been in business more than 50 years. The 200 employees at the Orion location primarily handle flat roofing work, but its commercial roofing division is complemented by its sloped roofing and sheet metal divisions, which handle metal roofing, historical restoration work and slate, tile and cedar shake. The maintenance department features four dedicated crews covering clients 24 hours a day.

“We do everything — and we do it right,” said Frisch. “All of our men are trained in all aspects involved in the roofing process, from quality right down to safety, because not only does it need to be done right, but it needs to be performed safely.”

He pointed to some recent projects that display the company’s versatility, including Brooklands Elementary School in Rochester, Mich., where Royal replaced the building’s existing shingle roof with a custom-designed standing seam metal roof and installed a custom-designed gutter system.

At the First United Methodist Church in Birmingham, Mich., Royal made extensive repairs to slate roofs, flat roofs and counterflashings. Crews also re-roofed four small flat roof areas and installed a two-piece copper gutter, cornice and liner system. “All that work is custom fabricated in-house in our sheet metal shop,” he said.

Projects for Pinckney Schools this year included a 720-square shingle roof at Farley Elementary and extensive sheet metal installation and repairs at Country Elementary. “The biggest portion of that particular project involved all the perimeter copings, which had open joints,” said Frisch. “We had to fabricate and install 24-gauge color-coated steel splice plates at all the coping joints. They were clipped to both sides of the coping and mechanically fastened to one side and sealed with Novaflex adhesive.”

Caulk and adhesives at metal seams can be a crucial failure point for roof and gutter systems, Frisch noted, so attention to these details is crucial.

Attention to detail and open lines of communication keep things humming smoothly for Royal Roofing and its customers. “Most of our foremen on a given project will be in contact with the owner or building director on a daily basis to update him on the project’s progress and any issues that may be run into,” Frisch said. “We really try to keep a handle on that and keep everyone informed on a daily basis. It really eliminates the need for putting out fires. It all goes back to zero punch lists, and it takes a team to make that happen.”

According to Frisch, Royal Roofing isn’t afraid to tackle any project — even jobs other companies shy away from. “I just hung up with a general contractor yesterday morning with a difficult access project, and we were the only one to bid on it,” said Frisch. “There’s nothing we can’t do.”

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