Wall Panel DesignsCLEVELAND, Ohio — The Garland Company, Inc. recently introduced two new designs in their Architectural Series of metal wall panels, which offer a durable, easy-to-install, attractive, moisture-proof outer barrier particularly well suited to rain-screening applications. The new Legacy™ design provides a shingle-style look; the new Element™ design features a reveal-style appearance. The new products complement Garland’s R-Mer® family of high-performance roof and wall systems. With the new styles variously available in aluminum, steel, zinc, copper, or stainless steel, Architectural Series wall panels may be used independently or in combination with other wall panels.

The new products use concealed fasteners and can be used for any wall, including rain-screen assemblies that require moisture proofing behind the wall panel. Architectural Series wall panels can be installed over structural sheathing or hat channels. The panels provide a clean, flush appearance that fits with many contemporary designs. They are ideal for use in pressure-equalizing, gravity-draining rain-screen applications, and are compatible with spray-applied or rigid-board insulation, as well as with a variety of air-barrier and vapor retarders.

According to Garland product manager, Tom Diamond, “The new Architectural Series of wall panels expands the design palette of architects working in aluminum, steel,stainless steel, zinc, or copper. The simplicity of application of these new architectural panels is ideal not only for new construction, but for renovations and exterior upgrades as well.”

In addition to the new Legacy and Element designs, which enable rain-screen applications, Garland’s Architectural Series of metal wall panels includes Cor, Wave, Rib, and Line through-fastened wall panel designs, providing a wide range of aesthetically appealing options for architects and designers.

For more information, visit www.garlandco.com.