James Huntington, President of Indianapolis-based AAA Roofing Co. Inc., credits a deep history, his employees, and company values as three reasons why the family-owned business continues to flourish after being founded in 1923.

It’s all about the team at AAA Roofing Company Inc. of Indianapolis. 

James Huntington, President of Indianapolis-based AAA Roofing Co. Inc., credits a deep history, his employees, and company values as three reasons why the family-owned business continues to flourish after being founded in 1923.

“We have remained committed to the initial principles of quality, service value and safety,” Huntington said. “It was started by my grandfather doing residential work and furnace repair.”

Huntington said his father’s leadership grew the company in roofing and established a strong foundation with large commercial projects, including blue chip companies.

Recent AAA projects include these condominiums located in downtown Indianapolis, which feature a Soprema torch-down roof with a vegetated section.

“My brother, David, and I purchased the company and have been successful growing the business even further with commercial, industrial and institutional work,” James Huntington said. “The next generation is already involved, including my sons, Michael and Christopher, who I am sure will take over the business and help it achieve even greater levels of success.”

James Huntington noted that what keeps AAA Roofing a notch above the competition is its staff. “We are privileged to have a team of 58 employees who are extraordinarily skilled and committed to providing the quality, service, value and safety that our clients deserve,” he said. “In fact, the AAA Roofing team hasn’t had a recordable accident in nearly four years.”

AAA Roofing is a commercial roofing contractor, servicing its clients’ needs in many parts of the country. 

AAA Roofing installed a Garland built-up roof at Reid Hospital in Richmond, Ind.

“We concentrate on re-roof projects that leverage our capability in serving the most demanding and sophisticated clients,” Huntington said. “As a result, the majority of our business is satisfying the needs of clients responsible for facilities that demand superior performance, including communication, pharmaceutical, energy, health care and light commercial industries.”

Huntington said property owners should do their research and check references to understand the potential risks in their choice of contractors, roofing system manufacturers, warranties and post-installation service and maintenance capabilities.

“Without the insight into the risks in their choices, many property owners find out that their lowest initial price can often result in the most expensive roof over time,” Huntington said. “Our approach is simple: rather than trying to convince clients to buy from us, we just focus on helping them understand their options and demonstrating our appreciation for their business and trust in us.”

AAA installed a LiveRoof over a Firestone TPO atop this building in downtown Indianapolis. 

Staying on Top in Tough Times

AAA Roofing continues to succeed even in difficult economic climate. “I couldn’t be more proud of the AAA team that has stepped to the plate,” Huntington said. “The foundation of our success is the investment in our team which has resulted in superior client satisfaction and loyalty.”

Huntington said company results are directly related to its focus on quality, service, value and safety for the benefit of its clients. “We have also succeeded by becoming even more involved in helping clients invest their dollars more effectively between maintenance and replacement,” Huntington said.

AAA Roofing is committed to supporting and giving back to the communities that they serve. “For example, we partnered with Firestone to install a green roof at St. Augustine Home for the Aged, which is run by the Little Sisters of the Poor,” Huntington noted. “Firestone provided the materials and we supplied the equipment and labor.”

The project included access to the roof to enable the staff to maintain the green roof and eventually to allow elderly residents to enjoy the rooftop scenery.

“We also installed the roof for the first platinum LEED Habitat for Humanity house, which is in our neighborhood,” Huntington said.

AAA Roofing completed this project at the Little Sisters of the Poor building located on the north side of Indianapolis. The roof features a Firestone EcoWhite EPDM roof system.

Unique Company Values Remain

AAA Roofing is recognized as unique in the degree that it focuses on safety for employees and clients, Huntington said.

“We have partnered with four other premier contractors and formed the Indianapolis Safety Group,” he noted. “This group funds a dedicated inspector who does continuous site inspections to make sure our people are sharing best practices. If the inspector happens to observe a problem on our site, it is resolved immediately and processes are improved to help prevent future accidents.”

AAA Roofing also partnered with IOSHA to share best practices with premier contractors across Indiana who all shares a common goal of keeping its team and clients safe. “Clearly, quality, service and value are required by our clients,” Huntington said, “but safety has truly set us apart as a competitive edge.”

Huntington said customers expect only the best from AAA Roofing. “We have a track record of earning perfect scores from the manufacturers on the majority of our projects in technologies including metal, single-ply and asphaltic systems.”

“The quality of the people on our team and their commitment to the quality work that they provide is our competitive advantage,” he concluded. “The team is what makes AAA Roofing special - not me.”

For more information about AAA Roofing, visit the company’s website, www.aaaroofingcompany.com.