Polyfoam Products Inc. has released an online video which shows the company’s Polyset system withstanding winds in excess of 150 mph. Available on its recently updated Web site atwww.polyfoam.cc, the video documents the superior performance of Polyfoam’s Polyset Professional Tile Roofing System compared to a traditional tile roof system fastened with two screws. Composed of footage taken in a wind tunnel, the Polyset system withstood winds in excess of 150 mph, while the mechanically fastened system suffered drastic damage at much lower wind speeds. Exhibiting the longevity and superior performance of these innovative polyurethane adhesives, the video helps display the qualities that have given Polyfoam the reputation of being a leading provider of sustainable adhesive products. For more information, call 888-774-1099 or visitwww.polyfoam.cc.