Simpson Strong-Tie introduces the Quik Drive PROCGB Combo System with two new auto-feed attachments. Designed specifically for the tile contractor, the innovative new tool allows for quick and easy installation of cement board, fiber-cement board and gypsum panel underlayment. The Quik Drive PROCGB Combo System is an all-in-one fastening solution designed to increase productivity and reduce installer fatigue. The auto-feed design uses collated screws to enable quick and easy fastening, and the extension allows contractors to get up off their knees and stand during installation. A powerful screwdriver motor, slim profile and compact body form a lightweight tool that can maneuver tight corners and power through the strongest of underlayment materials. The PROCGB Combo System includes two auto-feed screw-driving attachments crafted to fit a wide range of applications. The QDPROLDHG2 attachment is ideal for fastening cement and fiber-cement backerboard while the QDPRO200SG2 attachment handles gypsum panels. For more information,