Powers Fasteners Inc. has introduced a high-strength, two-component structural epoxy anchoring system to meet the new more stringent International Building Code (IBC) for strength design (cracked concrete). The new PE1000+ pure epoxy features an exceptional 3:1 ratio holding power and is designed for use in anchoring threaded rod, bolts, reinforcing bars and smooth dowels into concrete and other solid base materials. The system also can be used to anchor into hollow masonry materials using threaded rod and screen tubes. The product is packaged in a specially designed 13-ounce sized cartridge made from an engineered plastic and is dispensed with either a manual or pneumatically operated injection tool. The adhesive is a premium, high-strength epoxy that can be installed in both long- and short-term loading applications and is listed as a Category 1 product for uncracked concrete, dry holes. For more information, visitwww.powers.com.

Circle RS #3