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The AMS Pathfinder folder controller.

MetalForming Offers High-Tech Makeovers

PEACHTREE, Ga. - Older Jorns and Schechtl machines with controllers that are getting a bit “long in the tooth” can have a high-tech version of an extreme makeover, thanks to a joint partnership between MetalForming Inc. and AMS Controls.

MetalForming’s proven folding know-how joined with AMS’ experience developing integrated control solutions for roll-forming operations to create the AMS Pathfinder folder controller: a cost-effective yet state-of-the-art way to make aging equipment more productive and up-to-date. MetalForming’s Real Deal Retrofit program gives eligible Schechtl and Jorns machines a “new look” by installing the Pathfinder, which brings them up to 2008 standards.

The Pathfinder controller, with full network and upgrade capability, improves existing controllers by providing a network connection, three USB ports and a 15-inch touch-screen monitor with advanced graphic programming and storage capacity for more than 10,000 parts. Ethernet connectivity, remote diagnostic service capability, online assistance and training, and remote installation through MetalForming’s DirectLink service program are all part of the Pathfinder/Real Deal Retrofit package.

In order to make the premium Schechtl and Jorns folders accessible to more metal folding customers, MetalForming has created an inventory of Pathfinder-retrofitted machines, offered at 30 percent less than the cost of a new folder. These certified, rebuilt folders include all of the updated features of the AMS Pathfinder. In addition to the Pathfinder electrical and control system, MFI conducts a 200-point inspection of all mechanical components to identify, repair and/or replace worn components, ensuring the highest reliability of mechanical operation for rebuilt folders. For more information on the AMS Pathfinder, rebuilt folders or the Real Deal Retrofit program, call MetalForming at 770-631-0002.